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Welcome To FSM3000
Welcome to FSM3000! Thanks to Sha from Tian-Tang for helping me with the PHP coding. If you see any Google Advertisements that interest you, please click on them as they are the only way to keep this site progressing. Finally, if you would like to donate money to keep the site running and the files coming, please contact us with the contact link above. Thanks for reading and visiting!

Important Information
This site features bucketloads of sheet music in the pop/rock genre, all free and available for download. There's a catch though - these sheets will be considered illegal if you don't already have the sheet. So, supposedly, you can try out the sheets by downloading them here, and then after 24 hours delete them. Whatever you do, its your responsibility. There are sheets here, and updates coming.. but we REALLY need your help. We've decided to ask our loyal viewers, or people who download from our site regularly for donations. This can either be via a monetary sum, or donation of original sheets that you have scanned yourself. Email us to find out more.
Navigation is above, quick requests or any other general enquiries to be made by emailing us. Please enjoy the site!

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